Booking Site Adjustments

Dear fellow followers and clients!

I am in the process of changing booking sites, website updates, price changes, and medical directorship changes. All good things! Please see my website for price changes. With my new booking site a deposit is required for some of the big ticket items such as jetpeel facials, jawline augmentation, lip filler, cheek filler etc. The deposit will be added to your total. For example if you booked a lip filler appointment the deposit will be $50 to reserve the spot. Upon completion of the appointment the remaining $600 will due at that time. If you have any questions about this new procedure please let me know.

Due to booking changes you might get emails or texts from automatic system as I work out the kinks. Thank you all for supporting me throughout the years, and seeing my business grow!

Talk to you soon!


Beautiful by Bri

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