Photo Gallery

The Famous Lip Flip!

A great example of a lip flip! Just a little adjustment to the upper lip to make it more noticeable!

Topical Body Treatments

Ask how you can reduce the apprearance of cellulite and stretchmarks while firming, toning, and tighten your body with some of our topical body treatments.

JetPeel Facials

I’m amazed by the JetPeel results every time! Look at those eyes, and the the nasolabial folds. This treatment is 45 mins. and you can walk out my doors feeling AMAZING!!!

Forhead Wrinkles, be gone!

Some people tell me they don’t have many wrinkles but prevention is key. And most of my patient’s biggest comment is how many compliments they get about how “refreshed” they look afterwrds!

Cheek Augmentation

Add volume or lift to the cheeks with our non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure.

Hair Restoration

Do you have male or female Pattern Baldness? Alopecia? Here I am using PRP and the newest in hair restoration called JetTop treatment by JetPeel.

Lip Augmentation

Do your lips need a more hydrated look? Want to correct imperfections? Just want a better pout? This is a great way to change your life!

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